Woman with the BIGGEST BOOBS IN the World>> pics


A woman named Chelsea Charms showed off her massive 177XXX breasts. She is deemed the woman with the biggest boobs in the World.

Chelsea Charms

Interestingly enough, her huge breasts do not keep her from going to the gym in order to keep the rest of her body skinny, and to keep her back from hurting.

How far would a woman go to get attention? One woman decided to get huge breasts in order to get noticed, and to get ahead in her career as an exotic dancer.

There are women, who use their breasts to make money, and Chelsea Charms, 37, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of them.

Her natural breast size was D. Although many women would be happy with D cups, Charms said she wanted bigger.

Charms went under the knife three times to get her massive breasts, which are still growing.

During her third procedure, her doctor did an experimental procedure in which a polypropylene string, also known as “silly string implants,” was inserted into her breasts.

The polypropylene string causes irritation to the breast pockets, which produces serum that fills the implant pocket on a gradual but steady basis. That is why her breasts keep growing.

Charms said that she wanted to be big, but neither she nor her doctor realized at the time that the string will cause her breasts to keep growing.

There were a number of women, who had the silly string implants done before it was banned.

Due to a number of medical complications, the device has been banned in the United States and European Union.

Charms is very happy with her huge breasts. She said that it makes her good money and she gets paid to travel the world to do shows.

Her breasts get her a lot of attention, as men and women stop to check her out wherever she goes.

Because the polypropylene string implant procedure was banned, the Guinness Book of World Records decided not to name Charm as the woman with the world’s largest breasts, as it would be unfair to other women, who want to top her record, but cannot do so by using this method.

The current world record for the biggest breast is held by Maxi Mounds, 41, from the Long Island, New York area.

Her bra size is 42JJ, and her breasts weighs about 20 pounds each. Charms’ breast weigh about 30 pounds each.

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