Bruce Grobbelaar’s daughter poses topless for £3 a minute

The daughter of Liverpool legend Bruce Grobbelaar is stripping for cash as a seedy webcam model, The Sun revealed.

Blonde Tahli Grobbelaar, 28, charges £3-a-minute to pose topless with a pal.

Tahli Grobbelaar charges 3 pounds

Tahli Grobbelaar

The pair paraded in stockings and suspenders for Sun investigators.

Tahli also spoke of her dad’s playing days before flashing her boobs.

She said: “Well my father is famous. A goalkeeper. He played for Liverpool for 13 years.”

Punters can buy credits at £1 a time to leer at her on a website.

Calling herself one of the “UK webcam babes” she writes: “Fun, sexy and very dirty cam girl for you.

“I love playing with girls as well as boys and always love to please and try new dirty things out.

“As the saying goes you try everything once in life. xxx” Her home page shows her puckering her lips in a leopard-print bikini and holding a bottle of champagne.

Once emailed, she will arrange a time to log on and watch her.

For the right client, Tahli, who is believed to live in London, will pose topless with a pal while they chat.

Tahli told Sun investigators she was flashing to raise money for her new shoe company.

There is no suggestion she offers sex.

Grobbelaar played for Liverpool from 1981 to 1994, winning a European Cup, six league titles and three FA Cups.

But he was accused of match-fixing by The Sun in 1994 and went bankrupt after losing a libel case. He and ex-wife Debbie have another daughter Olivia, 24.

Grobbelaar, 55, now lives in Newfoundland, Canada.

His spokesman refused to comment.

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  1. denni on said:

    like father like daughter

  2. Anonymous on said:

    What is daddy saying to all this?

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